10 Best Practices for Keeping Your Patio Furniture Clean

Posted by Ryan Owens on Jan 27th 2015

You have invested a lot of money and time into picking out the perfect patio furniture. To keep all of your restaurant furniture looking brand new, there are a few practices you will want to adopt to extend the look and life of your outdoor pieces.

Tips to Maximizing the Lifespan of Your Outdoor Equipment

1. Choosing the Right MaterialsConsider the materials of your furniture or the furniture that you plan to buy and the steps necessary to clean them. It’s always a good idea to keep the right types of cleaners and paper towels on hand to clean your specific kind of furniture.

2. Utilizing Covers
Use covers to protect your furniture from the elements. Weather can be detrimental to your patio furniture, so a cover will make for adequate protection and little to no cleanup.

3. Storing It Away
Depending on the materials of your furniture, cold weather or rain could cause it to crack or rust. By storing your restaurant tables and chairs inside during the harsh weather months, you can extend the life of your furniture and use it for seasons to come.

4. Spot Clean
When you encounter a spill or notice a spot that could be mold, spot clean your furniture. Taking care of the little marks here and there will keep your furniture looking nice and seasonal cleanup won’t be such a chore.

5. Don’t Wait on Repairs
If you lose a bolt or dent a rod, replace it right away. You don’t want to waste the time you can spend around your outdoor table if it is unusable because of a damaged part. Instead, fix it and enjoy that great furniture!

6. Regularly Sweep Around and Clean Under
Make sure to clean around and underneath your furniture. You can do this easily with a broom or leaf blower to keep wet leaves and pests away.

7. Tilt Furniture
Tilt your furniture so rain and snow will not seep into it.

8. Check for Pests
Pests can damage your outdoor furniture or make it unusable, so be sure to check for things such as wasps nests and carpenter bees.

9. Store Away Cushions
Your cushions may mold if left outside, so it is best to bring them in with you while not in use.

10. Close Your Umbrella
If you leave your umbrella open while not in use, you are exposing it to animals and weather, so it is more likely to stain or discolor.