How Comfortable School Chairs Enhance Learning

Posted by Ryan Owens on Sep 27th 2013

Consider the number of hours full-time students spend sitting in a classroom for ten months out of any given school year (roughly 1,400 student hours), and the importance of comfortable, well-built school chairs become apparent.

School districts all over the country are paying close attention to how students learn in an effort to enhance and strengthen their educational experiences. Results of several studies suggest that creating a disciplined but nurturing classroom environment is a good way to keep students engaged and invested in the learning process; it also encourages creativity and classroom participation.

This understanding has created classrooms that are designed to allow students to work in groups facing each other instead of the blackboard, at least for some part of the school day. It has inspired architects to build new classrooms that let in natural light and furniture manufacturers to build ergonomically-designed school furniture.

The chairs from the Advantage series of Classroom Essentials are made of durable, lightweight polypropylene and designed to comfortably accommodate growing bodies of varying proportions. Sturdy and easy-to-clean, they can withstand the daily onslaught of kicks, spills, and sticky fingers as well as the occasional chocolate ooze from a forgotten candy bar hurriedly stuffed into a student’s back pocket.

The rivets are unexposed to prevent the unintentional snagging of a backpack full of books carelessly tossed over the back of the chair. To protect classroom floors (as well as the teacher’s nerves), each leg has noise reducing, nylon-tip gliders for excellent maneuverability. The Advantage series chairs can be safely stacked up to 12 units high, which makes storing them a breeze.

Thankfully, the days when students were forced to endure a whole day of sitting on uncomfortable chairs are over. Modern school chairs, such as those from the Advantage series of Classroom Essentials, take a student’s comfort and learning seriously by offering ergonomically designed chairs that enhance, rather than hinder, the learning experience.