Classroom Super Bowl Party Ideas

Jan 7th 2022

The Super Bowl is right around the corner and you probably have a few students excitedly waiting in anticipation.

You might be tempted to hush the conversation and tell students to focus. But we’ve got some great news for you. Harness that student interest and turn it into exciting activities for your classroom!

No need to head outside to play football (unless you want to, of course). There are all kinds of interesting things you can study and celebrate in the comfort of your own classroom.

So let the fun begin!

Bring the Food

One of the main events for a Super Bowl party is the food. And nothing gets kids excited more than a school day that involves tasty treats for snacking and sharing.

Ask parents if they’ll each contribute one dish (hand out specific assignments to make sure you get a diverse array of items). They can either send it to school with their child or come in to help. Let parents come volunteer and celebrate with you, if they’ve got the time.

Just make sure the spread isn’t only sugary junk. Students still need their brain power, so include plenty of protein and healthy carbs to go along with the fun food.

Nutrition Lesson

You could even turn your delicious spread of treats into a nutrition lesson. Go over the basics of good nutrition for kids and discuss the government recommendations for a healthy diet.

Then ask your students to name typical Super Bowl foods that are eaten at parties every year. Discuss why or why not that particular food is healthy and how it could be made more nutritious.

Teach them how to read a nutrition label, especially for fun foods like commercial chips and soda.

Math on the Field

Applied math is always more fun to learn than in the abstract. First, teach students about the measurements of a football field and how goals are won and measured.

Set up some football game scenarios and have students figure out the math for it. Make it extra tricky by having them convert yards into feet or metric measurements.

You could also have them square and cube the field measurements, create geometry problems, or any other applicable math game that supports what they’re learning in school.

History of Football

The Super Bowl offers a great opportunity to talk about the history of sports in the US. You can create a lesson on football’s origins, where in the country it first became popular, and how it transformed into a national pastime.

You could also talk about the origins of the NFL and some early football players who made history. Help the sport come alive and include a timeline of other popular sports for reference.

Advertisement Analysis

Super Bowl ads are infamous and capture the attention of even those who aren’t really into the game. Why is that and what can we learn from these impressive commercials?

Create a lesson about the psychology of advertisements and commercials. Teach your students how to critically look at a piece of advertising and find the persuasive elements.

Show them Super Bowl commercials from past years and ask them how each one makes them feel, what it reminds them of, and how it encourages people to buy what it is advertising.

Break them into groups to create their own commercial skits. Then have them act theirs out for the class.

Interview Practice

Interviews are a big part of sports, and they are common in the Super Bowl as well. Teach your students how to conduct an interview.

This is a great intro lesson to journalism. Explain the questions that journalists must ask (who, what, when, where, why, how). Then have students practice interviewing each other about something that interests them.

If you want to extend the lesson, then show them how to write a short essay about what they learned from their interviews. Make it fun and allow them to share with the class, if they would like to.

Health, Anatomy, Safety

Since injuries are a common issue in the sports world, this would make for a great lesson on human anatomy and how to stay safe in sports.

You can explain all the different types of equipment that is worn for various sports and ask students to explain why they think it’s important. Discuss injuries that are common to football, especially the new research on how concussions can really hurt someone’s brain.

Don’t make the lesson scary, just informative and bring awareness to why they should always wear protection and reduce risks while playing sports.

Have a Blast!

While there are many lessons you could create for your Super Bowl celebration, don’t forget to have lots of fun. Make the lessons feel more like games, let students move around more than usual, and keep the focus on applying classroom lessons to fun activities like football. Get the parents involved and don’t forget to laugh plenty.

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