Maximize Your Space with a Coat Locker

Posted by Ryan Owens on Mar 2nd 2015

As a dependable supplier of classroom furniture in addition to church chairs, banquet tables and stylish Chiavari chairs, we offer several products that help increase the efficiency of your learning environment. If you’re short on space, consider installing our five-section coat lockers for your students. They may just be the addition your busy classroom needs to become — and stay — more organized.


Our coat lockers can grow with your school. Buy only as many as you currently need. You can buy more units as your budget allows and as your space and number of students increases. It’s a practical solution you can easily apply to address space and budgetary constraints.

Versatile Decor Element

Available in blue, green, red and natural wood finishes, our coat lockers complement a variety of classroom decors. They can enliven any classroom without distracting students from their books and activities. At the same time, they add a distinct decorative aspect to your classroom that increases the appeal of your learning environment.


These coat lockers are solidly built to withstand many years of continuous use. They will save you money in the long run since you do not have to replace them as often as you may have to with cheaper, less well-built alternatives.

Excellent Design

Each coat locker has 15-inch-deep sections, each with double hooks that can easily accommodate heavy winter coats, scarves, hats, etc. There is added storage space both above and below for shoes and additional items. Our five-section coat hangers will help your students stay organized and develop independence at the same time.


Made from 100 percent Healthy Kids Plywood and coated with Tuff-Gloss UV finish, our coat lockers are safe for even very young children to use.

Aid to Classroom Organization

A neat and orderly classroom is important and conducive to learning. Our coat lockers can help give you a well-organized learning environment by getting rid of clutter in the classroom. No more mess of coats, book bags, hats, scarves, etc., hanging at the back of student chairs or under their desks!

In addition to our efficient coat lockers, we also offer a wide selection of excellent preschool furniture, office desks and chairs, plastic, metal or wood folding chairs, restaurant furniture and so much more. You can count on us for top-quality merchandise as well as knowledgeable and efficient customer service. Your complete satisfaction is our goal and we work hard to ensure it. Call us today for a free estimate of your seating requirements.