Pick the Right Cafe Table Tops for Your Space

Posted by Ryan Owens on Nov 16th 2016

You’ve just been handed the keys and given the green light to make your storefront into a bustling new cafe. Or maybe your existing cafe could use a facelift, so you’re planning a renovation. Whatever your plans, you know that you need to furnish the space with stylish yet budget-friendly table tops that provide the kind of ambiance that will make your cafe stand out. But you also know that quality is key, as these tables will be well-used and should last many years. If you plan to set your tables outside, they should also be able to withstand weather conditions all year round. Outdoor seating is subjected to more stress than indoor seating and tabletops. To avoid replacing your furnishings every couple of years, choose quality that fits within your budget.

Things to Consider When Choosing Table Tops

Make the task of selecting the perfect table tops for your cafe less daunting by considering the following:


Budgeting can be tricky when you’re furnishing a cafe. You need to consider all of the furniture that you will need to purchase to successfully run your business while keeping your profit margin in mind. Table tops should definitely be a priority. While chairs can be replaced individually as needed, table tops are a larger furniture item and thus more expensive upfront. Make sure you purchase the highest quality that your budget will allow. This will increase your tabletop’s longevity and reduce the risk of needing a replacement sooner than necessary.


Your cafe space should not only be cohesive but should also make sense aesthetically. When patrons enter through the door, they should see an inviting space. To accomplish this, make sure that your tables and chairs fit together well, both in style and in scale. For example, oversized chairs shouldn’t overwhelm undersized tables and vice versa.


Just as furnishings need to be scaled to suit your space and each other, they should also adhere to an aesthetic theme. Your tabletops can serve as the star of the show or simply a cohesion piece to your cafe’s overall look. If your style goal is to accomplish a more laid back feel, consider using teak or wood-style laminate table tops. If you’re going for a modern look, stainless steel is a fantastic, sleek choice.


Your tables need to be durable enough to withstand high traffic. After all, your goal is to serve as many customers as possible while still creating an inviting and spacious atmosphere. Laminate table tops are a classic choice. They are built with a solid wood core, a heavy duty laminate top, and a protective band to cover edges. Solid resin table tops are another great choice, offering a durable and solid option. Synthetic teak table tops are made to be weather resistant, giving you the ability to offer attractive outdoor seating. Stainless steel tables tops are built with a solid chipboard core, wrapped in stainless steel, and finished off with a laminate bottom.


In order to choose the right table, you need to determine exactly how it will be used. If its primary purpose is for customer seating, then you want to choose something that won’t tip and will be able to withstand constant use. If you serve heavy dishes of food, make sure to choose tables with more surface space to ensure that they can hold a lot of weight. If a table is purely decorative, then you can choose surfaces that are less functional and more aesthetically pleasing.


Maximizing space while offering quality seating areas for patrons should be a priority consideration. Your clientele, as well as what kinds of foods and drinks you will be serving, are both important factors when choosing a table that will fit your specific needs. Once these items have been determined, measure out your space and find creative ways to fit your furnishings. You may need to draw up a few diagrams before settling on tables that will maximize both your space and your customers’ comfort.


Square tables may seem to be industry standard, but round tables can provide much-needed flexibility in your space. If you’re pressed for seating areas, round tables will allow patrons to move around the dining area without getting caught on table corners. Round tables also allow you to space tables out in creative ways. That said, square tables allow for more surface space, which might be preferable for what you are serving and who you are serving it to. You might also want to mix it up. Place square tables in areas where patrons will linger and small round tables in areas where customers will only stay for a short while.

Designing a cafe space from the ground up or renovating your current space is an exciting process.Avoid the headache of unappealing or non-durable table tops by doing your research first. Through analyzing your space, your business model, and your aesthetic, you can figure out the exact tables that you will need. When you’re ready to buy your table tops, head over to Classroom Essentials Online for quality furnishings and excellent customer service. You can find us at classroomessentialsonline.com or by calling (866) 404-7671.