What Student Desk is Best For Study?

Posted by Ryan Owens on Sep 15th 2016

Being a student is hard work. Between balancing schedules, homework, and personal life, students have a lot to juggle. And our increasing reliance on technology means that becoming distracted while doing homework is common. Students study surrounded by iPods, cell phones, and social media. Many students constantly check their phones for text messages and social media updates.

One study found some startling statistics about students. Less than 17 percent of students said that their technology devices were a distraction. They also found that:

  • 86 percent of students sent text messages
  • 68 percent used their phones to check personal emails
  • 66 percent were on social websites
  • 38 percent surfed the web
  • 8 percent admitted to playing with their smartphones during class

This constant interaction with technology interrupts concentration during study time. All this multitasking also gets in the way of acquiring high-quality knowledge. Processing information requires committed focus. Regular distractions make it hard to remember what students are studying.

Students need a little extra help so they can focus better. To enjoy a more effective work environment, you need to create a distraction-free zone. This starts with a simple space.

Simple Study Spaces Are Best


Focus on simplicity to create a study space. This will help students complete homework and study efficiently. Choose an area that is free from noise and distractions. Set up the space so that it is easy to keep clean and organized. Make sure that all tools are easily accessible to eliminate time spent searching for writing utensils and paper. Remember that a cluttered learning environment clutters the mind.

One study showed that students exposed to a messy office before being given an unsolvable geometric puzzle only stuck with the puzzle for an average of 11 minutes. Those students that were given the same puzzle after being exposed to a clean office space stuck with their puzzle for an average of 18 minutes.

Another study took a look at what has been referred to as “Irritable Desk Syndrome.” It was discovered that people with messy desks had reduced productivity. They also experienced lingering negative mental and physical effects. 40 percent of respondents said that their cluttered desk “infuriated” them, but they didn’t know how to get it under control. Others in the study said that their clutter forced them to sit awkwardly, causing physical pain.

Removing clutter allows the brain to focus on the task at hand. This means students can study better and for longer. A clean space will also reduce bad posture, ease irritation, and allow students to relax.

A Simple Desk for Better Focus


A simple table with clean lines and no drawers is the best place for a student to study. This kind of desk makes it less appealing to bring along distracting devices. Keeping this area devoted to studying means that they’ll always have a place to go when focus is needed.

There are many desks available on the market that are great for simple, clean study spaces. They share similarities, yet are different enough to fit specific study needs. These types of desks include:

The classic open-front student desk. This desk is great for students who have many projects to work on and need a contained place to keep textbooks and supplies. So they can be working on a project while keeping everything streamlined and clutter-free.

The adjustable height desk. This desk is versatile to fit the space, chair, and personal height. It makes it possible to be comfortable, which means they’ll want to stay longer.

The library table. Maybe students just need room to spread out. With this desk, they can have textbooks open to important pages, notes laid out, and note cards lined up. Which means they can keep materials straight without mixing up the process.

By using a simple desk and creating an intentionally clutter-free, quiet study space, students will enjoy better memory retention, less stress, and the ability to focus on school work. Add in some effective study strategies and you’ll set students up to succeed.

Create Your Distraction-Free Study Space


With all the constant distractions that are present in our world today, it’s important to take time out to quietly focus on our work. When it comes to studying, create a space that is inviting, uncluttered, and quiet so your students can focus effectively. Start out with a well-made, simple desk to bring a sense of order to the space. Classroom Essentials Online has many excellent choices that will help your student become the best that they can be.