Why Restaurant Stacking Chairs Are The Way To Go

Oct 5th 2022

Restaurants are busy places full of happy chatter and people on the move. Your restaurant’s chairs shouldn’t get in the way of all the action.

You want to get people in the door, seated, fed and wowed, then back out the door again to make room for more patrons. Having enough seats is the key to making everyone happy. Table for two? No problem. Table for 16? No sweat. By always having enough seats on hand, whether they’re on the floor or stored away, you can ensure that you’re always ready for action no matter the challenge.

But if you’re just getting set up with restaurant furniture or you’re ready to upgrade, you want to make sure you’ve got the right kind of chairs. There are a lot of options on the market, but most of them probably won’t be the right choice for your busy restaurant. Steer clear of residential seating or second-hand chairs, for example, or you’ll be sighing with frustration in no time.

What’s the best chair that will do all the heavy lifting with none of the dangerous tripping? Why, a stackable chair, of course.

Gone are the days of ugly, uncomfortable plastic or resin stacking chairs. You’ll be pleased to know that the modern variety has more features than just plain convenience. In fact, they’ll probably meet or exceed all your restaurant’s chair needs.

Ready to learn more? Here are a few ways that stacking chairs can benefit your restaurant business.

Save Space

One of the biggest perks of stackable chairs is their ability to go from taking up lots of space to only taking up a little spot in the corner. Many restaurants don’t have the luxury of ample storage closets for big chairs that don’t stack. With stackable chairs, you can haul off extras to a closet or a corner of the room. And since they stack, you can easily transport them on a chair caddy. See, stacking has more than one benefit!


Modern stacking chairs are meant to last through rugged commercial use. They are created to have a solid construction, with features like a metal frame that will keep them going for years. Powder finish as a coating for the metal frames will keep those chairs looking great without any obvious scratches or other unsightly marks and makes upkeep a minimal effort. Get the best return on investment by choosing chairs that last through thousands of customers. Now that’s a smart use of your budget.


Stackable chairs are made to be bought in bulk and with commercial services in mind. That means that they are priced to be great for your budget. You can buy a large number of chairs, get a volume discount, and spend what you save on other furniture or appliances. What a deal! Your accountant will be proud.


If you’re thinking about the uncomfortable, hard plastic or resin stacking chairs of the past, banish that image from your mind. Modern stacking chairs are as comfortable as they come. With padded seats and backs that feel great through a meal, dessert, and a round of drinks, your patrons will be happy diners and not have to worry about being uncomfortable. You can breathe easy knowing they’re having a great time.


Today’s stackable chairs look professional. Your restaurant will look upscale, clean, and attractive filled with quality stacking chairs. You don’t have to sacrifice appearance just to save space and money. Now you can have it all! Customize the metal finish and select the right upholstery for a look that's all your own.

Choose Stacking Chairs

Sure, you could choose nice looking custom chairs that end up being too bulky and fall apart in just a few short months. Or, you could invest in chairs that check all the boxes on your dream chair list while still being practical. Stackable chairs are affordable, they are great for storage, they’re easy to move around, they look great, and they’re comfortable. Can you ask for a better solution to your restaurant’s chair dilemma?

When you’re ready to buy high quality, customizable stacking chairs, reach out to Classroom Essentials Online for the best selection and excellent customer service. We would love to help you plan an assortment of chairs that will work for your restaurant’s need. You can find us online at classroomessentialsonline.com and by calling us at (866) 404-7671.