Economy Church Chairs

Discount Church Chairs

Our budget priced selection of Discount Church Chairs may seem like "cheap church chairs" based on price - but our 18.5-inch line of church seating is a tremendous value. When searching for church chairs for less, these modern pew chairs offer a flexible church seating solution with budget-friendly, discount church chair pricing. These budget-priced sanctuary chairs offer a discount church seating solution in a modern, comfortable, interlocking church chair which is extremely durable and attractive, and which gives you an exceptional value for the price. These pew chairs offer an excellent sanctuary seating solution for new churches, funeral homes, convention centers, and churches in transition during remodeling or expansion, etc. The primary difference between these discount-priced church seats and our 20.5-inch Church Chairs is simply the seat width (these are two inches smaller when measuring across). For more about current trends in church seating, please read our article on "Choosing Chairs for Today's Church".