X-Back Chairs

Browse our selection of X-Back chairs that bring elegance to any event.

If your organization hosts important events that require a classic, timeless aesthetic, X-back chairs (also referred to as cross-back chairs) should be on your list of considerations. Similar to the Chiavari chair, the X-back chair is typically made of wood, comes in a variety of stain colors, and is an ideal look for weddings and other types of banquet settings. These chairs are long-lasting, aesthetically pleasing and bring a crucial element of luxury to your most memorable events. You can browse our wide selection of X-back chair options, bringing a custom look to your organization, business, or event.

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When it comes to elegant affairs, the overall aesthetic is the cornerstone of a successful and memorable event. Color scheme and decor leave a lasting impression, and this caliber of event is typically inundated with photographic documentation that will be poured over for years to come. X-back chairs are the perfect way to ensure that your event is expertly staged and will take guests’ breath away the moment they walk in the door. Choose a chair color that will fit into your design scheme, from light natural wood colored stains all the way to the classic dark walnut stains. There’s a color that will work perfectly for every event.

Most X-back chairs are made from wood, making them the perfect complement to indoor weddings and other special events. You can also choose an X-back chair made with a metal frame for a unique and unexpected touch. The metal frame is highly durable and gives a more modern flair to an otherwise timeless look.

Since these chairs are typically made of wood, they should also be of a high-quality construction with commercial use in mind. Never buy chairs that are made from low-quality materials or ones that don’t come fully assembled. You want to ensure that your chairs last as long as possible, are safe for guests to use over and over again, and ones that retain their beautiful look for years to come.

While these chairs can be more expensive than other banquet options, you’re receiving exceptional quality and workmanship with your purchase. If you’re on a budget, consider buying in bulk to get discounts. These chairs offer a high return on investment and are also great for restaurant use, allowing your organization to capitalize on your investment in a variety of settings.