Creative Lessons for Your Dry Erase Boards

Posted by Ryan Owens on Sep 15th 2015

As a long-time supplier of different types of classroom furniture, including activity tables, preschool furniture, map rails and whiteboards, our customers often share many of their classroom concerns with us. Most teachers bemoan the fact that grabbing and holding the attention of their students is getting increasingly more difficult in this modern age of technology. So many young people are bombarded by non-stop stimuli that teachers often have a challenging time competing with rival attention-grabbers.

The dry erase board is a commonplace classroom item. In the hands of a creative and dynamic teacher, however, it can be converted into a powerful educational tool. Below are some practical and easy ways you can use the dry erase board to grab and hold the attention of your class.

Language Learning Tool

Use the dry erase board to play Pictionary when your class is learning new vocabulary words in a foreign language. Divide the class into groups and have them guess the foreign vocabulary word by drawing on the dry erase board. They can try guessing at the same time or take turns. Be ready to have a lively and intensely competitive classroom hour.

Group Discussion

Give each group a dry erase board they can pass around. Each member can write their ideas on a given topic of discussion. When everyone has written their thoughts, they can read it as a group and eliminate common ideas or add new ones as they discuss the topic further. It’s a great and organized way to get everyone in the group participating actively during the discussion.

Peer Teaching

Instead of a PowerPoint presentation, have the students present short group assignments on dry erase boards and share them with the class. Comments from the rest of the class can easily be added to the board. Use a different color marker for the presentation and the comments. This will give you a good idea of how well the group presented their ideas and how well their peers listened, absorbed and reacted to the presentation.

Poster Presentation

Have each group summarize a topic or lesson segment in the form of a poster on the dry erase board. Encourage them to use both words and pictures. This will help draw out both the creative and cognitive dimensions of the learning process.

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